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First and Last Post for 2013

I see the last time I posted was in September 2012. The other day, I received a notification to renew this account, which I just renewed.

So here we go and see how it goes for 2014. As for today, Jana and I are still recovering from our colds so it was supposed to be a light day. I think the LA commuting helped to wear us out some. We hooked up with Malibu Riders again. Last July, we trailed Paramount Ranch. Today, we did Malibu Creek Canyon. It was really neat. We start off going through a former Ronald Reagan Ranch and went on a 3 mile trail that he started a long time ago.

Our guide shared a story of the yellow, "divorce house." An impressive house in our view towards the latter part of our trail, that was the subject of a divorce settlement between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. The court awarded her the house, but as Charlie moved out, he had the house painted her least favorite color, a terrible yellow, and then lacquered to be difficult to paint over. The house to today, remains the same yellow.

Some photos...L1020723
Malibu Creek Canyon
Tags: horseback riding, jana, trail ride

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