June 1st, 2020


Aerogarden 1 mo update

Has it only been a month? The progress on the aerogarden plants have been pretty good. I've already harvested basil for a couple of meals and drying. I ordered a set of small storage glass jars for herb and maybe flower drying. I continually harvest cilantro.

Out of a total of 7 pods times 2 (14) I have the following:

5 — Basil

6 — Cilantro

3 — Thyme

The little cup on the top aerogarden is a used yogurt cup (my teenager eats 1-2 cups of yogurt per day!) with a mixture of water and dish soap. I brought some plants out then back in...and now I'm on the upswing of battling some gnats. :(

And ignore the worn drapes. LOL. They came with the house and were probably made back in 1984.